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Frequently Asked Questions

About Harborside

Do you accept Credit and Debit Cards?

While we cannot accept credit cards, you can use your debit card to make your payment at the register. You can also use our onsite ATM to withdraw funds for your purchase.

What are your hours?

Oakland Location:
Monday – Sunday, 10AM – 8PM

San Jose Location:
Monday – Sunday, 10AM – 8PM

Online/Phone Ordering:
Monday – Sunday, 10 am – 6:30 pm

Cannabis Delivery Hours:
Monday – Sunday, 1 pm – 7 pm

How do I get to Harborside?

From Hwy 101 North:
Take exit 388B to onto I-880 N toward Oakland. Take exit 4D for Gish Road. Use right lane to merge onto Gish Road. Harborside will be on the right.

From Hwy 101 South:
Take exit 388B to onto I-880 N toward Oakland. Take exit 4D for Gish Road. Use right lane to merge onto Gish Road. Harborside will be on the right.

From I-880 North:
Take exit 4D for Gish Road. Use the right land to merge onto E Gish Road. Continue onto N 10th Street. Harborside will be on the right.

From I-880 South:
Take exit 4C toward San Francisco/US 101 N. Turn left onto Old Bayshore Hwy (sighns for 10th Street). Slight right toward N. 10th Street. Harborside will be on the right.

Do you have an online menu?

Click here for the San Jose menu.
Call our call center at 888-994-2726 ext 1 between 10am-7:30pm

Do offer a free gift for fist time patients?

Yes. When you first become a member of Harborside, you can choose between a Harborside pre-roll, HLT brownie, Solio, or CBD-Goodiez (product may change based on availability)

My Doctor's recommendation has expired; can I still make a purchase?

No. We need to have a current recommendation on file to complete any purchases and exchanges.

How can I reach you?

Phone: 888-Harborside
Text Message: 510-488-6791

How to Become a Medical Cannabis Patient

What do I become a Harborside Patient?

In order to purchase medicine from Harborside, you need to sign a membership agreement. The membership is free and all you need to bring are:

1. Valid government issued ID
2. Either a Doctor’s Recommendation for Medical Cannabis*
– or –
Medical cannabis Patient ID card

You can bring these documents to one of our locations and complete the membership agreement. Or you can register online here.

*Recommendations letter will need to be verified in order to make a purchase. Please make sure to visit us during your doctor’s regular business hours.

How do I get a California Medical Cannabis Patient ID?

The California Medical Cannabis Patient ID Center issues a medical ID card for $35. The advantage of the card, other than being laminated, is that it is recognized in most dispensaries in the Bay Area as a way to gain access without further verification. The CMCP is located at 1733 Broadway in Oakland.

The Department of Health services in many California cities also offers a Medical ID card program. Ask your local DHS for how to obtain

Do you require the State ID card or CMCP ID?

No. There are some licensed dispensaries that require a medical ID card. In accordance with State Bill 420 regulations, we will honor your doctor’s recommendation provided we can reach your doctor’s office to verify it.

Do I need to sign anything?

Harborside is a collective of patients. In order to visit our dispensary facilities, you must register as a member of our collective, which involves signing an agreement stating your intention to relate with Harborside as such.

Click here to view our Membership Agreement.

Are there any membership fees?

No. There are no membership fees whatsoever.

Can I get pre-verified?

If you are bringing your Doctors Recommendation, we can save time by verifying it ahead of time. There are several options to get pre-verified.

Email us a picture of your documentation.
Send a text message to 510-488-6791
Live Chat Us

****We will do our best to get you pre-verified in a timely manner. At all times, please make sure to have your current recommendation letter and government issued ID****

Can I use a State ID card?

Yes. We also recognize the State ID card, which is also issued by the CMCP (see question above). The State ID is sponsored by the state of California, costs twice as much as the CMCP ID, and takes longer to obtain. Please note that the California Attorney General has also disclosed a willingness to share patient information collected by the State ID card program with the federal government. The CMCP card, by contrast, is cheaper and your information will not be shared by anyone without a subpoena or your express permission. Both cards are issued at the same place – the CMCP.

Ordering for Delivery

How does Delivery Work?

We offer a complimentary delivery service (with minimum order) to the Greater Bay Area. Our menu of holistic, herbal medicine is available for online ordering and is 100% guaranteed.
You can place an order online, by calling us, or you can chat with us.

Depending on your location, your delivery driver will call you around 12:30pm or 3:30pm to schedule a delivery time-window. If you miss that phone call, please make sure to contact our call center to confirm your preferred time-window of delivery.

Delivery Areas, Schedule, Minimum Orders?

Delivery Mapmapdot1 – $50 minimum – Same Day Delivery 10am – 7pm. Oakland and Alameda

mapdot2 – $50 minimum – Same Day Delivery if ordered before 3:30pm. San Leandro, San Lorenzo, Emeryville, Berkeley.

mapdot3 – $100 minimum – Same Day Delivery if ordered before Noon. Delivery between 1-6:30pm. Please see map. Too many cities to list.

mapdot4 – $100 minimum – Deliveries on Wednesdays and Sundays between 1-7pm. Order by noon on day of delivery. Sunnyvale, Saratoga, Campbell, Santa Clara, Milpitas, Portola Valley, Los Altos,
Woodside, Los Gatos, Mountain View, San Francisco, and Cupertino.

mapdot5 –  No delivery allowed by local ordinances. We may not deliver in San Jose city limits. You may order from the San Jose location for pick up.

Hours for Ordering Medical Cannabis for Delivery or Pickup

Online Ordering: 24 hours per day (some restrictions may apply)
Call Center Hours: 10am – 7:00pm daily – (888) 99-Harborside (1-888-994-2726)
Text message 10am – 7:00pm: 510-488-6791
Delivery times may vary based on traffic and order volume
HARBORSIDE OBSERVED HOLIDAYS: Christmas, New Year’s Day, Fourth of July, Thanksgiving

What are my Payment Options? We accept the following forms of payment:

Cash close to the total amount or greater
Drivers do not carry change.
Cashier’s check, money order.
Unfortunately, we cannot accept:
Personal Checks
Debit cards
Credit cards

Do you have any Safety Guidelines for Delivery?

Drivers retain the right to refuse service to anyone
Abuse of the service or our staff will result in denial of service
Driver carries no product other than your cannabis medicine
We will only complete deliveries during daylight hours
Driver vehicles have security cameras and are tracked via GPS through security headquarters
Maximum order is 8oz./flowers or 16 concentrates or 20 edibles, or an equal combination of those items/quantities. *** certain restrictions can apply***
We will only deliver to a residence, your work, or hotel where you are checked in. Addresses and contact numbers will be verified
Our drivers will not be in uniform or in a marked car. Drivers are randomly and anonymously followed by our trained safety personnel to ensure best practices
Deliveries are packaged in discreet paper bags
Please restrain dogs and other animals. We do not know your pets and it is easier for all of us if they are restrained during the visit

What do I need to receive delivery?

Recommendation letter from a licensed California doctor
Government Issued ID i.e Driver’s License, State ID
Complete Collective agreement to become a member with Harborside Health Center. You can register online here
**First time patients with Harborside Health Center will need to provide the recommendation letter and government issued id before receiving delivery***

What is your return policy on deliveries?

We offer a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee. If you are displeased with your selection for any reason, we will provide you with an exchange or credit towards another purchase within 21 days. We don’t provide cash refunds. Partial credits will be provided for partial used product.

Do you deliver Clones?

Unfourtunately, we cannot deliver clones
Pick up orders for clones are also unavailable, except for the Dark Heart Nursery Clones

Is there a gift for first time patients ordering delivery?

Yes. When you first become a member of Harborside, you can choose between a Harborside pre-roll, HLT brownie, Solio, or CBD-Goodiez (product may change based on availability)
If you are a new member and are placing an online order for delivery or pick up, please let us know in the notes section of your order or when you come in to pick it up

Ordering for Pick Up

When will my order be ready for pick up?

Your pick up order will be ready 15 minutes after placing the order.

How long will you hold my order?

We hold pick up orders for 24 hours

Where do I pick up my order?

In Oakland, after check in, visit the first counter to the right, near our cartridge bar.
In San Jose, our pickup line is located in front of our main line as you walk onto the sales floor.

Can someone else pick up my order?

Only the member placing the order or the member caregiver will be allowed to pick up the order

Can I return a purchase at the pick up counter?

Unfortunately we cannot process exchanges or returns at the pick up counter. Please visit the main counter for any such transactions.

Can I cancel my order?

If you need to cancel your order, please call us at 888-994-2726 or email us at with the word “cancel” in the subject line and we wil cancel the order

How long do you hold an order?

We hold orders until the end of the day for when the order was requested. Please let us know if you will be unable to pick up your order.

Can I make changes to my order when I come to pick it up?

If you need to make a change to your order when you get to the pick up counter, we will accomodate as possible. However, we cannot have consultation or allow you to make selections at the pick up counter. If you need to ask questions or wish to inspect the products to make a decision, please visti our regular sales counter.

Can caregiver place online orders for patients?

Caregivers, please do not make online accounts. If you need to order medicine for a patient, please use the patient’s account and let us know that the Caregiver will be picking up or receiving the medicine in the comments field, or when you come in to pick it up.

Rewards Program

How does your Rewards Program work?

You earn one Rewards Point for every dollar you spend at Harborside. You can redeem these points for discounted items or apply them for a discount towards a purchase.

What are the Rewards Pprograms items available?

Your can see a list of our current Rewards Items here

How do I know my accumulated Rewards Points balance?

Your balance is listed on every receipt you get.

How do I redeem my point when ordering online for pick up or delivery?

You can add a item from the Rewards List to your cart and let us know in the notes section of your order that you would like to redeem points towards that item. We will adjust the total accordingly.


Do you carry clones?

Yes we carry wide variety of clones. For more information about our current clones list please check out Twitter:
San Jose:

Do you offer returns on seeds or clones?

We do not offer returns or exchanges on seeds and clones

Do you carry Dark Heart Nursery clones?

Yes, we carry them at our Oakland and San Jose location. Due to the overwhelming demand for DHN Clones in Oakland, you must order them in advance. Make sure to read the entire DHN FAQ for more information.

When are DHN clones available?

Oakland location: you must order your clones online, available on Monday and Friday at 8pm*
San Jose Location: Available only in-store on Thursday, first come first serve.

How do I reserve DHN Clones: Oakland location only!

You must be registered as a member, and have an account in our online account for our shopping cart
On Monday, or Friday after 8pm, visit our Shopping Cart. From the Drop-don menu select “Clones” (If the selection is not available, refresh your screen, the selection becomes available when the clones go on sale)
If you order on Monday, you can pick up your clones on Tuesday between 10am – 2pm
If you order on Friday, you can pick up your clones on Saturday between 10am – 2pm

How many DHN clones can I reserve?

In order to comply with the demand, members are only allowed to reserve a maximum of 50 DHN clones. Multiple and subsequent orders will be cancelled and not filled.

How can I change my order of DHN Clones?

Unfortunately, Dark Heart Nursery clone orders cannot be modified. Multiple orders will not be filled.

I received a confirmation with zero quantity, do I still have a reservation?

This indicates the product has been sold out. Please choose another strain and place another order.

How long do you hold DHN Clone orders?

We will hold all DHN Clones orders until 2pm the day after the order is placed. After 2pm, all unclaimed orders will be released to the public.

Can I select my DHN Clones when I arrive?

DHN Clones orders will be pre-packaged and will not be swapped or selected at the counter. Members are allowed to deny the order but will not be able to order again until all reservations are filled.

Can my friend pick up my order?

Only the member placing the order or the member caregiver will be allowed to pick up the order.

Any other tips for picking up my DHN clones?

Make sure to bring your current recommendation letter and government issued ID. We must verify all recommendations letter in order for a purchase to be completed.