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Discount and Support Programs

Harborside has specially designed programs in many areas that help serve our mission and community, such as discount programs for veterans and seniors, and support groups that lend on-going guidance to those in need. If you have any questions regarding our programs or their facilitators, feel free to contact us at any time. All programs are complimentary to Harborside patients.

Select any of the Program titles below to see a full description.

Senior Outreach

Click here to Learn the Facts – Medical “Marijuana” for Seniors

“Dear Harborside Patient,

Harborside is changing the day of our Senior Support Group to the first Sunday of every month, from 10:15-12:00. We invite you to come join us and know that you are not alone as a senior using medical cannabis.

See friends, make new ones, and learn about how cannabis can help you more, and how you can help cannabis become more legal and respectable.

With Respect and Thanks,


Care Package Program

We provide weekly care packages to patients unable to afford their medicine. To qualify for the care package program, you need to bring in proof of your financial situation, such as copy of your SSI letter or some other official documentation of your current income level. learn more

Senior, Veteran, and Industry Discount

We are happy to offer discounts to seniors, veterans, and cannabis industry employees. Make sure to bring the proper identification next time you visit, or when you create your online account, and we will update your account.

  • 15% Senior Discount – Elegible at 65 years old with proper ID.
  • 15% Veteran Discount –  Please bring DD-214, Department of Veterans Affair card, or Military ID with expiration date.
  • 10% Cannabis Industry Discount – Current proof of employment in the cannabis industry required with each purchase.

Cancer Support Group

You are invited to our cancer support group, every 3rd Sunday of each month, from 10:15 – noon, in the vendor waiting room.

Please call or email us to register for any session.

Probable Agenda:

  • Setting
  • Introductions
  • Education
  • Group Sharing
  • Individual Guidance

learn more.

Substance Misuse Support Program with Laine Demetria, MS, LMFT

Designed for individuals who feel they have a substance abuse or misuse issue. Harm Reduction means simply making positive change in your life.
Learn more about this program.

Thrivers Support Program with Laine Demetria, MS, LMFT

Thrivers is a safe and confidential support group open to women suffering from the effects of a traumatic event.
Learn more about this program.

Families - CBD Support Program

The Family CBD Support Group is open to all cannabis patients interested in using Cannabidiol (CBD), particularly those under the age of 18 and their parents.
Learn more about this program.

Cannabis Activism

The laws that protect Harborside and all medical cannabis patients are the result of decades of hard work by four different generations of cannabis activists. If not for their courage and dedication, we would still be living in the nightmare years of total prohibition and ever increasing repression. Because of the work of these determined activists, patients today enjoy at least a limited degree of legal protection in almost twenty states, with momentum for further positive change stronger than ever before.

At Harborside, we believe that every patient who is able to engage in activist work, has an obligation to do so.

Each of us have our own interests, and each of us are gifted with our own unique skills. Cannabis activism provides a great opportunity for each of us to put our own special gifts to work for the good of the entire community. It feels great to do, and is the only way that we will ever see a final end to the laws that still oppress us.

Whatever it is that you like to do, and are good at doing, can be put to work to further the cause. Like to draw or paint? Then create posters and leaflets and web sites that deliver our message. Like music? Then write a song about cannabis! Good with kids? Then outreach to parents groups, and teach them how regulation of cannabis will protect children. Like working on cars, or just driving them? Then offer your services as a mechanic or chauffeur to one of our advocacy groups—or recreate Henry Ford’s hempmobile. Use your imagination. Find a way to exercise your own personal passion, while promoting the truth about cannabis—activism will be more fun that way, and you will be motivated to do more of it.

Visiting Harborside’s Patient Activist Resource Center is a great way for new activists to gain basic skills and learn about the movement—and be rewarded for that participation. Ask our receptionists for details.

The Harborside Volunteer Defense Corps is a group of patients who have volunteered to help defend The Harborside collective from ongoing attacks by the federal government. Sign up here to learn how you can participate.

One of the best ways to get active is to volunteer with one of the organizations listed below. They do good work on behalf of the cannabis plant; each in their own style, each with their own area of focus. Get in touch with one or more and check them out; see which of them best compliments your own style and flavor—and get active! If you don’t have any spare time to donate, all of these organizations would welcome your financial donations.

National Cannabis Coalition
Cannabis Defense Coalition
Marijuana Majority
Interfaith Alliance for Drug Reform
Beckley Foundation
European Coalition for Just and Effective Drug Policies